Page Updated 12/17/2018

How It Works

If you do, they are liable to go into a "circular file" and we will not see them!

Call 715-682-9362 to get started.

Heartistry offers a full music transcription and typesetting service.
Tom has perfect pitch and has been learning music from recordings for 30 years.
He can listen to your song, tune, or other piece of music and write it out quickly and accurately
as publication quality sheet music.

Fees are based on the amount of time needed to render an accurate transcription,
but it is fairest to both parties to charge as Piece Work.
The fee is Two Dollars (US) per measure per staff
, excluding empty measures.
Repeat signs and other music shorthand devices are used wherever possible to moderate cost.
For example, if your piece is 32 measures long and you need a vocal staff and two stave piano accompaniment,
the total would be 32 x 3 = 96, x $2.00 =$192.00. If there were two empty measures, it would be $188.00.
This would include one verse/chorus of lyrics and standard guitar chord notations.
There is also a discount for "cut and paste" operations.

If you need me to create a piano accompaniment there will be an extra charge,
to be determined from the simplicity or complexity involved.
Adding more than one verse in lyrics is also extra.

If you would like a lead sheet or score prepared please CALL 715-682-9362,
and we will discuss your project and advise how to email us an MP3, or send CD or cassette,
and we will be happy to give you a quote. We look forward to hearing your music.
We encourage phone calls and look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you may have. 715-682-9362

Tom also composes music for any occasion, including film scoring, special occasions, weddings, birthdays, special people, loved ones and friends.


We received the file. Great job! Last week when I contacted you I had already contacted a few other transcription services and got emails back from them monday saying that the song was too difficult: they could not make out the middle two parts and the bass only ocassionally so they would not be able to do it. One said that it was because of the mics that were used! By the time others had responded to me saying they couldn't do it you had already gotten the completed file to me. Thanks! Great work, and if I need any transcribing done in the future I'll be sure to contact and recommend you!
James Fruits, Calumet Street Christian Church
and 89.1 F.M. Gospel Quartet
You said that I "might appreciate" seeing what you'd done — what an understatement! I'm amazed by what you've done! When I opened the file, I couldn't believe how detailed and clear your transcription is. Then when I played it, I realized that it is absolutely accurate — especially the tricky rhythms in bars 21 to 27. You nailed [John Renbourn's] 4:3 feel. What a thrill to be able to play a piece that I have loved and struggled with for so many years! I certainly never expected Train Tune to be done so quickly — you did such a great job with Train Tune that I would obviously rather have you [transcribe my music].
Michael Otte