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All artists listed in Heartistry Music's roster are consumate performers
, and may be contracted through Heartistry Music for appearances. We will be happy to arrange an appearance at your venue.

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Pricing can be modified to accomodate different venues and operating budgets. Please contact us and we will do our best to work with you to make your event a success. Some allowances can be made for Block Booking, and for provision by the contractor of meals, accomodations, etc.. These prices do not include travel expenses.

Block Booking

Spreading costs between several venues is a win-win situation for both venue and artist. If you can help the artist(s) get another engagement on consecutive dates and within a reasonable travel distance, discounts for all venues involved can be arranged. Given the high cost of transportation it is much more practical economically to have the artist perform at several different locations on succeeding days, rather than one performance at a distant location followed by a return home. We will try to fit your event into a tour schedule whenever possible. This will minimize our artist's travel expenses and your cost

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