Bentley Brehm is a pearl from the Lake Superior Country. Since the 1980's Bentley has been a counselor for at-risk children, a carpenter, a recreation director, an army infantryman, and a fish counter. His thoughtful songs about life journeys combine with a unique guitar style and a captivating baritone voice to form one of the best singer-songwriters to appear on the music scene in years. He writes honestly from personal experience. Armed with 20 years of accumulated songs, Bentley has begun a recording career with Heartistry Music. His debut album has just been released and will be accompanied by an upcoming concert tour.


  1. Fallin'
  2. Rollin' Home
  3. Desert Sky
  4. Can't Help What's On the Radio
  5. King of the Day
  6. Heavy
  7. I Cannot Say
  8. No More Trains
  9. When You Walked Away
  10. November Skies
  11. Winter Heartbeat
  12. Way Out West
  13. Where Are You
  14. Never Sailed the Ocean Blue
  15. Home Tonight